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Sports physio, sports injuies, physiotherapy central coast

Sports physiotherapy 

Injuries sustained during sport can range from muscle tears and strains, trauma fractures, ligament injury, tendon injury, growth related and or overload injuries that progressively get worse with your chosen sport and exercise. 

At Our Physio we offer management for:

  • Return to sport 

  • Muscle tears/strains

  • Fractures

  • Ligament injury 

  • Tendon injury

  • Athletes

  • Teens and youth 

  • Biomechanics analysis and identify injury risk

  • Sports performance


Clear evidence exists for the relationship between previous injury and successive injuries (Fulton et al. 2014). If your rehabilitation is inadequate and you return too early to sport and activity there’s a high risk of re-injury. 


The physio's at Our Physio Central Coast have the specialised skills and experience to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate sports injuries. As keen sportspeople themselves, they understand the importance of getting quality care for your injury to ensure that you are back to playing the sports you love in peak performance asap and pain-free. 

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