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Physiotherpy central coast, taping

Taping and bracing 

Taping is another adjunct therapy to provide support and protect or restrict movement of an injury. If you need strapping due to previous or current injury to get you back on the field our physiotherapists can help you. 


Taping a joint may provide

  • Increased stability 

  • Decreased pain

  • Reduced chance of re-injury

  • Improved biomechanics and joint alignment

  • Greater confidence


K-tape is an alternate therapeutic cotton-based tape that is used in pain and injury management. Taping provides support but doesn't limit range of motion, is water-resistant and can stay on the skin for up to 5 days.


Taping is used to 

  • Treat injuries

  • Support weak zones

  • Re-educate muscles

  • Protect against injury 

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