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There's more to Physio than you think

Physiotherapists are the most recommended health professional by GP's but what can we actually do for you?

The broad range of conditions that can be treated, managed, and prevented by physiotherapy can make it confusing to know if it is appropriate for you. Physio's can treat you pre and post-surgery, for sports injuries, work-related injuries as well as assist with chronic conditions that are hindering your day-to-day life- like back and neck pain, vertigo, incontinence, and mobility issues. The Australian Physiotherapy Association has a great tool at with information about what physiotherapy is, as well as a search bar option to help you decide if physiotherapy is appropriate for your condition. Physiotherapy treatments can include massage, mobilisations, taping, cupping, dry needling, ultrasound, exercise programs that include strength and conditioning, stretching, and even breathing techniques.

The physiotherapists in our clinic assess the whole body and treat the driving cause of the pain, not just the symptoms. Our Physio Central Coast also stocks a range of products that can assist with a number of conditions- along with treatment and prescribed exercise programs, such as a range of therabands, braces, moon boots, Tens machines, exercise balls, foam rollers, massage balls, heat packs and more. Our Physio Central Coast is dedicated to treating, managing, and preventing injuries and painful conditions with an on-site gym, Pilates reformer, and resistance equipment.

If you would like more information feel free to give us a call on (02) 43 394 475 or email us at

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